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Everything is good until it’s not

My dehumidifier water comes out at 7/6.8…i use it all day long.
Also…whens the last time you calibrated your pH meter…I’m not a big fan of calibrating them tbh…lol im a hypocrite somewhat but I don’t know you all that much and just covering all my bases…no harm meant


I calibrated last week…it’s a nicer pH meter. If it’s ever off it’s only by like .1…stays really accurate.


Well that Excellent… your better then me… lol I hardly ever break my Apera out. Fishtank stiff usually


After looking at what you have, I think you should toss a banana in the blender and feed some to the plant. It looks like a slow progression of Potassium deficiency. use enough water to soak it to the roots. If you have a potassium tablet, then use it because food can attract bugs. If you’re not worried about that, then go for it. Feed that lady a banana.


What is your par meter reading man. If you’re not giving it too much light, you should consider lack of nutes or maybe a nutrient lockout. What happens is that your light is working your leafs and your leafs aren’t being able to process that much light because ur roots aren’t absorbing the nutrients… that could come from you not giving the right nutrients or the right amount of nutrients, or a problem with your roots. :facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3: