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Excited newbie from the Southwest

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to grow for many years now, just never really had the room until recently. Since the room has become available, I recently purchased a 3x3 tent with the 275W CLW LED. I was dead set on using coco but I’ve read soil is more forgivable so I’m leaning that route for my first couple grows anyway!

I’ve been reading every chance I get and this GN has been such an amazing help already! I’m still waiting on delivery of my items but hope to have it up and running by next weekend. I only have a couple bag seeds at the moment (along with some fem HELLO seeds that I’m saving until I learn more) but I’ve also read that using fem seeds is just better so I might have to save up some cash to grab a few!

I’m looking forward to learning and hopefully harvesting some killer buds!


Welcome @noktrnl! You’ll most likely find all the answers you seek here! Plenty of helpful growers willing to help!

In my opinion, the only real advantage of getting Feminized seeds is the fact that you are sure to get females. But, usually, the genetics are stronger and more stable in regular seeds from what I’ve read…

If you are not sure of something, don’t hesitate to ask! :nerd_face: Chances are that somebody will have an answer for you!

Have a great day and keep it green!


High @noktrnl Welcome!!

We are here to help

stay golden …