Expanding, taking it to the next level

hi guys!

ive been growing for some time now and im thinking of expanding. ive been growing with 10 lamps but want to increase to 100 lamps, a bigger operation and something i feel like im ready for. but i would like to have some input, things that maybe i need that i yet havent thought about. anybody here that has gone the same rout or has some recommendations?



what size lamps?




Hey @bongohaze

Welcome to the community. That is awesome you confident enough to increase your grow size 10 fold. Not to sure your situation or setup, but that is a huge step. I recently was involved in a large grow, about 100 x 1000 watt lamps. Your biggest issue ( depends on environment ) is the heat you will be producing over and above everything else. The one thing about the grow I was looking at was the electrical bill, it was about the same cost $15000 per month ( converted from South African Rands to Dollars ) . Our electricity is unreliable and the price is doubling every few years. With the investment you are making in your grow, it might be worthwhile contacting some professionals in the industry, look at financing options, energy rebates and assistance with design.

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Welcome welcome welcome. Any questions i can help with, i am more than eager to answer. Anything on your mind right off?


im using opticled 8+, but thinking of updating to slim 720s.

thanks for replying



hi! thank you and thanks for replying!

yee its a huge step thats why im reaching out to you guys here, i know for ex that i need a much bigger vent system for this, but which one is the best to go for? what are you guys using, it would be great so hear what you guys are using to get some inspiration! im running with opticled 8+ 600-700w, floraflex, been hopping between canna and A.N as nutrients for a while, but im also open for other suggestions. and as for the electrical bill, yes thats also something ive been thinking about, and im thinking of going partly on solar energy, but yee thats one part that i have no knowledge about, and i dont rly want to ask around from here where im from, and havent rly seen any commercial grower using solar. ive looked at Priva but havent contacted them yet.

Cheers mate!


hi, thank you! i dont have any questions right of the bat, but would be nice to know what i should think about, suggestions on things that i can buy etc.


@bongohaze , are you based in Norway?


in Spain and Norway