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Extraxx | Los Angeles, CA | August 17th, 2017

Location: 1270 S. Alfred Street, #35573, Los Angeles, CA

Date: August 17-18th, 2017


Phone: 323-775-3322

Email: [email protected]

General Admission: Early Bird Special: $700. At the Door: $900
Booth Pricing: $2,495 for standard exhibitor booth

About: Extraxx is the only Expo and Conference dedicated to the production, processing, and science of marijuana extraction – how to make extracts and concentrates, the different types of production and extraction methods, post-extraction processing, including tips, traps, and lessons about cannabis extraction methods and technology.

Oils, concentrates, food production, and manufacturing represent the fastest-growing and continually-evolving segments of the marijuana industry. Plant extraction has created entirely new methods to consume and ingest cannabis, such as vaping oils, dabbing, or via cannabis tinctures, marijuana edibles, cannabis-infused products, transdermal patches, and topical (oils and cream) applications. In concentrated form, marijuana is now created into shatter, budder, wax, live resin, sap, rosin, keif, honeycomb, cold-water hash, bubble hash, solventless wax, ice wax, hash oil, clear, and oil. There are so many different marijuana and CBD derived products on the market today!