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Fake News and Irresponsible Reporting

Call this my brief rant:

In this day and age, where statistics and sound data are so relevant and vital to good decision making, it’s really disheartening to see people drawing unfounded correlations between Public Health and Marijuana. I’m not talking politics, but I am talking about rational data-driven thinking.

Take a look over this brief article, if you have time. What are your thoughts?



Absolutely horrendous reporting! My stomach churned as I read that “article”. How can “reporters” spit such erroneous statistics with zero basis in fact? This so called “news” outfit out to be ashamed! This kind of “reporting” is anything but helpful, it is downright dangerous!

We ought to do some serious digging into this think-tank called QREM…

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @supergrower_matt! If any GNET members ever find this kind of trash news please bring it to our attention!

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@Growernick did you happen to watch the news video/segment that the article was transcribed from? It was even more painful than reading it. You really get the sense for the malice and misjudgment behind the "Anti-"advocates.

Maybe this thread would be a good spot to start posting awful reporting in? GNET features “Fake News” brought to you by GNET Members.

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I love that idea! We can call out and shame the propaganda war still being waged against cannabis across the world! It’s this kind of concerted effort that can help shatter the myths and stigmas still shrouding cannabis.

I’ll watch the story and try not to puke…

It’s not the news reporting that is detestable, it is the extremely biased, unscientific study that the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University conducted. KDVR is just reporting on the fact that the study happened, there doesn’t appear to be any opinion on it otherwise. If anything the reporter seems against it by the fact he mentioned Jared Polis is pro-cannabis.


Ya. I’m not saying the station is responsible for the poorly conducted study, but they made the segment. I guess I kind of shot the messenger on this one? Either way, the conclusions being drawn from the “4-Month Study” can hardly be based on statistically significant correlations.


Yeah, you might have shot the messenger a bit.

Now this is shitty journalism.


Yeah…that wasn’t even an article, it seemed to be more of an anti-drug diatribe laden with anecdotal tales of nonexistant addicts

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That was news? That read like a high-school freshmen wrote it for a blog post. Can we all take a moment to acknowledge that this was stated:

“Marijuana, they’d have you believe, is as nonthreatening as a stick of gum, totally ignoring the experiences of ravaged addicts whose journey down a dark road began with that first toke of what they will tell you was a gateway drug, beckoning them to horrors lurking just around the corner.”

Watch out folks! Taking that first step outside of your front door in the morning could lead you down a life of hiking. They say it’s good for you, but you can easily get addicted to hiking and hike so much that you can’t walk anymore.


“Hi, my name is Nick, and I’m a hiking addict”

Wait, wrong forum!


Looks like the over 50 years of reefer madness propaganda is going to take some more time to completely undo. It’s up to us industry insiders to destigmatize cannabis use, spread accurate scientifically proven knowledge, and support advocacy for legalization and criminal justice reform.


Yessir! Cheers to that!


Did you read the underlying study Junk science study

We should all be outraged!

I guess god made them do it.

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Always question the source…and follow the money!

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I was breast feed and that’s why I am not a junky?
Wouldn’t that be a fun logical fallacy.

Or 100% of bathtub fatalities take place in a bathtub.