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Farm Bill and break down

If you look at our new farm bill we will spend 80% on SNAP. That is 716 billion to feed Americans who can’t buy enough food. If we take the non SNAP numbers 70% goes to three big ag companies.

In 2016 the last year we have fact based numbers, 48 million Americans received SNAP.

That is $14,993 per family unit.

According to XOF news outlet. We had 100k illegal immigrants cross our southern border, ever year!

The actual number of 350 million legal crossings. So 45, thinks 1 in 4 people crosses illegally. Or 1 in 6 if we are additive. Numbers from the orange man don’t add up.

Mr. 45 wants $5 billion or using these inflated numbers we are going to spend 50k per refugee to keep them out.

If the real number is less, we are spending what, on a what! When 1 in 8 American are food insecure? And 1 in 4 live paycheck to paycheck.


From the voices in my head
Ethan :frowning:

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