Federal regulations poised to affect marijuana industry next Congress

In December, the House of Representatives is set to vote on cannabis legalization at the federal level. While formal passage by the Senate and signature from the President of any legislation will take time, state legislatures are moving faster than ever to change their own laws regarding hemp, CBD, and THC.

This is one of the reasons industry leaders spent more than $3M on lobbying for marijuana reform in D.C. during the current 116th Congress - some of the most money spent on this issue in history - and congressional interest in cultivation, capital, and growing communities is at an all time high.

Ahead of the inevitable wave of federal legalization and accompanying regulation coming down from Washington, there is no better time and way to form relationships with the public officials who will be writing these laws and rules than by becoming a resource for your representatives.

These are the elected leaders that will write the laws ultimately affecting growers, suppliers, financiers, and the bottom lines for everyone between, but federal lawmakers are shown to have little to no understanding of the realities behind marijuana production and its exponentially expanding economy. Fortunately, the Congressmen, women, and Senators coming to Capitol Hill in 2021 are bringing their interest to learn and making it a priority to fully participate in the process of changing history for cannabis.

If you or someone you know in the marijuana industry would like to begin building connections with the Congressmen and Senators working on your behalf in Washington, Proxenos International has the connections, experience, and resources to get it done.

Read more about Proxenos’ services and the firm’s capabilities for marijuana below, or contact D.C. Managing Partner Chana Elgin any time at: [email protected] or +1 (281) 224-3320

Stay well!

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