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Female...or dreaded

Looks like a girl to me. Nanners would have started to pre-form at the branch base. They explode in growth a couple weeks after flip. I kinda see female pistols…

Little blurry :confused:


Yes pistols are sticking up now, thanks . 2wk 2 go b4 flip stage cant wait…have a smokin weekend…


No balls or pollen mist, nothing…everything still green…trimmed this baby 3x already…whats up fam , im still in it…lol

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Your photos never loaded.


First wk with 12/12 lighting.

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The transformation that these plants go through from the light flip is stunning to watch week to week.
This is the day of the flip

This is a few daya ago

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Yep stretch is awesome. 40%-60% is typical but i have seen higher percentages of stretch.



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Budettes, hair starting to turn white and build up of trichs has started… So far so good. At this point im cutting off any food with nitrogen, dont want more leaf growth. Until next wk. Peace…

I had sex when I was a teenager, and that thing been hanging around longer than that lol

I would like to make a safety suggestion if I might…please clean out that fan before you have a fire.

Already done thanks