Fire strains

Hello everyone,

Any suggestions to how I can make my buds denser? I’ve been noticing that I keep getting airy buds. Also, during my seedling stage how low should I be able to lower my LED grow light? I have the Mars Hydro TS-600. The other question is should I put both lights inside my tent for Veg and Flower. I have 2 TS-600.


Having enough light and keeping environment dialed in are most important. Keep temps on the lower side is also important.and of course supply the needed nutrients :wink:


With that light at seedlings stage I would keep your height at least 30" above your plant’s @welcome12. During flower your light should be about 16-20" above your canopy. Like what @hoppiefrog said you need to keep your temps down, in the high 70s or low 80s during flower. Make sure your plants are getting all the nutrients they need. If your tent can handle the increased temps from the 2nd light, go for it. The more light the denser your buds can get.

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Thank you. Much appreciated information :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you. I’m going to take your advice and implement it into my grow.


Happy to help anytime I can :blush: