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First ever grow journal. Second ever grow. Tangie x ON Haze

These little ones were just put under the today. They were the first two seeds to pop. Waiting on the others. Dynomyco was used when planting the seedlings. I will be using Key Grow Solutions nutrients during this grow. My grow light is the HLG 225W. I’m new to this so any input is greatly appreciated. I’m trying to be coachable and absorb as much as I can. I’m very grateful for this community. @hoppiefrog @deusoboy420


Looking good just be very careful not to overwater this early brotha


I will be careful. Thank you.


So here are my little ones after 10 days. I also added the last Strawberry Banana x ON Haze seed I had. The SBOH was a little late to the game but is picking up steam.