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First ever grow journal. Second ever grow. Tangie x ON Haze

These little ones were just put under the today. They were the first two seeds to pop. Waiting on the others. Dynomyco was used when planting the seedlings. I will be using Key Grow Solutions nutrients during this grow. My grow light is the HLG 225W. I’m new to this so any input is greatly appreciated. I’m trying to be coachable and absorb as much as I can. I’m very grateful for this community. @hoppiefrog @deusoboy420


Looking good just be very careful not to overwater this early brotha


So here are my little ones after 10 days. I also added the last Strawberry Banana x ON Haze seed I had. The SBOH was a little late to the game but is picking up steam.


So I have been lagging on this journal. One day I’ll figure it out.:crossed_fingers:t3:Here are some pics of what I have going now on day 28. One of them is growing like crazy. The smallest one is 5 days younger. Slow grower for sure.


From the picture below is it too early to determine the sex of the big one?

Or the middle sized one?

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So it appears the bigger one is a male. Not for sure but I’m 90% sure. I’m growing for sensimilla, but I’m curious about collecting pollen and a have a few questions.

  1. How soon can you collect the pollen so that it would be viable? It is currently in the second week of flower.
  2. How do you collect pollen and how do you store it?
  3. How do you use it when the time comes to use it? At what point during your grow would you use it on a female?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Easiest way is take an envelope an hang it below the male flowers to catch the pollen. or cut the male flower branch off and slip it into a bag and freeze it. But ideally you want to mix the pollen with white flower at a 4:1 ratio. 4 parts flower 1 part pollen then freeze it. moisture will ruin the pollen. It will last for up to 1yr


Very cool, @preybird1. Thank you.

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Np friend! Your welcome anytime. Need something DM or tag me!

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I will be careful. Thank you.


Not viable until the outter pod opens revealing the nanners lol. But iirc when the pods dried out they opened.? Been a while.

Here are some of my plants right now.


@preybird1, thank you for the quick response. Is it too early to harvest the pollen from the sacs or is it viable as soon as you see the pollen sacs. I just don’t want to wait too long where they burst open. :grimacing:

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