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First grow new millenium

So this is my first real grow and I’m running new millenium nutrient line. I’m At 5 days since transplant from starter cups. Some of y’all may remember my post about my seedlings stretching. Well the girls have grown up!!

Anyone else running new millenium nutrients and how’d your plants take it


They’re looking great man idk know about that nute line I’m sure someone here uses or knows about them


Thank man I had a tough time transplanting two of them but they seem to be doing great with this nute line

Keep us posted I’d like to see your progression through to flower and harvest

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I’ll use this thread as a place to document this critical mass grow and updates on the new millenium lineup. So far I’m very impressed

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Welcome looking forward to watching you grow

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Moved all but two choice mothers into my “veg tent”
Should I be trimming the lower stuff off? I’ll take more pics later but there’s tons and tons of growth underneath the main leaves

This underbrush good or no??

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You can let them grow for a bit longer before trimming.

Girls are getting bigger! Just me or are they super green? Also what kind of trimming should I be doing. I’m in the beginning of week 2 veg.

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I would leave it alone. Until they get larger then u can tell what leaves and such aren’t going to get the light from the canopy coverage jmo

I have some bottom leaves that look like they’re getting very little light

Ok then I’d get rid of those

Not sure how to train these girls

I personally wouldn’t prune anything yet. But I would definitely start toping them ladies if they were mine!

I topped them a few days ago. Kind of think that may have been a mistake with how short they still are

4 to 6 nodes of growth are the usual topping points.

I technically topped what would have been the 5th node