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First Grow Yeeaaaahhh!

Hello Everyone!

Reservoir change #9 complete and it is roughly week #6 for this grow. So far so good I think and no real concerns going forward…unless I was too high when I mixed the nutes and now they are deep frying to a tasty golden crunchy goodness. The plants had progressed enough and I decided to give them the transition mix of the Grow/Bloom nutes. PPM was 1140 and the PH adjusted to 5.9. The environment has been very manageable and stable. The plants sure seem to find it agreeable! Let me know if any of you guys see an issue or have some advice. Thanks for watching!

Kush XL on the left and Gorilla Glue on the right

The GG isn’t growing as evenly as the other but this one was the only one that showed Cal Mag deficiency at the beginning. I raised her up an inch and I’m just gonna see what she does. She seems fine.

Kush XL is a bushy little thing and seems to be growing how I want her.

Sanctuary :wink:


Those plants are looking good @truthhound! They really take off growing when the roots are in this stage.
Just keep up with those weekly reservoir changes and you’ll be pushing through flower before you know it.
I was always very nervous my first few grows in dwc, the farther I got into the plants life. The longer you go, and the bigger your roots get the chances rise that something bad might happen. Like any type of anaerobic growth in you reservoirs, or deficiencies in your plants that haven’t been properly managed.
Dwc is amazing at being able to correct a problem you spot in a half a day if, you know what to increase or decrease in your nutrient regimen. But that same speed to correct something can also destroy your plants if you don’t catch something and correct it. It’s an amazing way to grow, and that’s the only way I’ll ever grow my own flower indoor anymore.
Keep it up my friend!


Greetings Earthlings!

Reservoir change #10 and week # 7 complete and things seem to be going ok. The 2 plants are VERY different and it has been kind of fun adjusting to the differences in size and shape. Kush XL…derrrp… Living and learning like a boss. I still have no idea what I am doing but I can see light colored hairs starting to form on the bud sites so I plan on staying the course. Switched to full NovaBloom nutrients and keeping the CalMag and Hydroguard where they are. The environment continues to be manageable and relatively stable. I am glad I chose not to SCROG this grow and the LST seems to have the canopy fairly even. Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


Kush XL