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First grow

What’s goin on family. First “closet” grow goin on in a homemade grow box/tent we have it lined with Mylar and are running 600 w LEDs on 18/6 they are about 5 weeks old and have experienced high heat 90+ feather frequently due to our funds being low and not being able to buy a tent with proper gear and the room they are in is essentially a lean to greenhouse without actual windows to put a vent in . But now the temps are doing better we have figured out a way to get some more airflow and we see temps between 80-85 during the day and it drops to a nice 70-75 at night we started them on 24 hours and to help with the heat issues we now put them outside in direct sun when the sun hits the porch and it has direct light for atleast 2-4 hours before returning into the grow box . Also we used half sohum soil and half an organic garden soil that was cheaper but still organic and I fear the heat way have killed the living aspect of that sohum soil. So we just added mycorrhizae and some root booster from General organics 0-1-1 I am hoping this will help get a nice root system going . There is pictures attached I know they had some watering issues due to the fabric pots running off so you will see those symptoms and if any other things you more experienced growers see please let me know ! Sorry for the long and I’m sure at times rambling message ! Happy growing family


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome @cmartin413!

First I have to say as someone who started their first grow not that long ago either that you’ve done a very good thing in joining this forum. These are awesome people and this forum has TONS of experience at your disposal. They’ve answered my questions, given me some ideas to try, and I always learn something from it.

I’ve also experienced severe heat problems not that long ago and sure enough I was doing a 24hr veg cycle as well. After my tempts crept up to 99 with no signs of slowing down I was forced to make some changes in environment. Finally got the temp range to 76/67 +/- and thats when things started really moving along for me. The other major change I did after reading about how much harm a 24 hr cycle can do to your plants (article link attached), I researched different light cycles and decided to go with a 6/2 x3. 6 hours on 2 hours off three times a day. This helped lower the temps as well as gave the plants time to rest three times a day. So far its been an awesome move! With you being a beginner as well, I would highly encourage you to read this article.