First week of Growth With White Widow xCandy

Cloned White Widow Candy


Any Tips Fam?


Looks like your doing a good job so far just don’t over feed and keep her happy with the right light levels and don’t over water :wink: if u run into problems we will be here to guide you in the right direction again:)


Well I bought one of those self watering pots and filled the bottom part up with Distilled water


Welcome to the GN Family @808mojo
Hope you learn as much as we do here.
What is your current soil mix? Any link or better pictures of your self watering pots? How is you ventilation around your plant?

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:

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And I’m using Kellogg’s Organic plus

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Today is Day 3 in Soil

But day 9 since hydro cloned

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