Flowering fully while plant is regenrating

How can I force outdoor to flower by force while it was already flowering but start to regenerate

@rbenjameni. Not sure I get what you mean?
To force a plant to flower you change the light to 12/12 from 18/6

I’m not sure what you mean by regenerate comment



You know when the buds where forming and then new small branches come thru while you waiting for for hair to increase bud density

Sounds like you have a reveg issue going on were they flowering when they went outside?


They been outside from start under 24hr light

How are you getting 24 hours of light outdoors? Are you running supplemental lights at night? Just trying to understand and if they are under 24 he light and are budding there either autos or under serious stress

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If you want to flower 12/12 for light

If you’re bringing them back from flower to re veg; 18/6

As @deusoboy420 stated, unless they’re auto’s

I’m still unsure about the full question

How old are the plants, can we get some pictures What medium are you growing in, feeding them??



I will take a pic you know when you growing cuttings outside so we run supplementary light for 24 gram to get the to be big then switch of light during flowering but since about July they been on the ground using soil