Flowering period

I was reading a article the other day about this dude CRAZY JOHN or whatever and he believes anything more than a 8 hour light period is a waste of time. Has anyone tried this 8/16 flowering period and what were the results. I can see if this works it would be a big savings for indoor growers

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I think you talking about Joe. The 12-1 lighting or the gas lantern method.



Chris how effective is this? Do you know anyone who have done this method and was successful at it? If so was their outcome successful?

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@PreyBird1 You do this, right? I see this topic come up but I haven’t seen much of anything about the yield outcomes from anyone with experience in it. I’m interested in hearing about that. Additionally, can one put three- or four-week-old plants that have been on 18/6 into this cycle without causing issues, or do seedlings need to start on this from day one?

The seedlings need to start from day 1. If you stick them in that light schedule they will take 10 days and flower then they bud for 5-6 days then they will re-vegg after 10 days of flowering and then changing the foliage back from buds to leaves can take another week. Basically if you dont start growing on that schedule dont do it because the reveg time is 30+ days. I tried it 3 ways. And everytime you changed the light cycle from the existing set and plant learned light schedule they would do this. It messes with the plants photoreceptors and there preception of seasonal change due to the total amount of light time changing. like when the fall season happens there is less light everyday and plants change the florigen levels in the plant that creates the buds. This is the secret to life. Cannabis life and what makes the plant create the flower. How it does it create and what amount of what hormone at what time triggers the creation of the flower. Very fascinating stuff. Auxins, Florigens- FT, 9 cardinal rules of the cannabis environment. Great stuff :clap:

And i only use this light schedule now. It allows me to run a lot of equipment and stay under the power bill price i set for my goal. I spent a lot of time crunching numbers finding the most efficient lights,fans,heat mats, and equipment i could find. And my grows are no different than before except the buds are 15% bigger and grow faster. And i use less power than before. Also all my lights but 2 i built myself and i use QB with higher watts then i under drive them to save life on boards and drivers.

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Fascinating stuff, indeed. Thanks for the great explanation. How about the yields? I think that’s the grand prize question the kids are waiting for. :nerd_face:

Like I said previously,@preybird is the rocket surgeon of cannabis!