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Flowering pot size

So I have been flowering in a 5 gal pot but I feel my plants are ending a little small… and I just read that root mass is a determining factor for plant size… and if so what are you all using for you flower pot size


Brother. I’m using 10 gal for both my autos and photos. Love em. :+1:
Even got 1 in a 15 gal.
They get big. :joy::joy::joy::v:
Edit. I was using 5 gals till this last grow and this grow is night and day difference.
Same room and light. Healthier this time it seems.


You are both absolutely right and at the same time, probably not. What I mean is, yes constraining the rootball growth can limit overall growth but so can about a hundred other things. Last crop I grew everything in 3.5 gallon Hempy buckets and one of them turned out a 7-foot plant, which is why I am saying that could be the issue, probably not. Light can make or break you too, too much, too little, the wrong type. Are you saying your girls are not as big as you like, do you mean height, density/girth, what? Yield? While there is no way to know now when you harvest take a look at the rootball in that pot and see what you can see…I grew out of 5 gallon pots (buckets) for a very long time before I realiozed I could get the same growth out of less, saving me soilmix and giving me more room to grow in the tent…this is my 7-foot CB Diesel, all plastered over a trellis but from base of plant to tip of longest-cola, 7 feet and an inch or so…


@lbdwarrior I am just talking in general… i know I am not gonna have the greatest plants because they were rando bag seeds. So I was and am using them to hone my craft. But this round I am using real genetics and a way I read on a site for growing in cocco… i am starting in jiffy pellets, then going to solo cups then to 1 gal. Then 3 or 5 or 7 gal havent decided


35 and 50 gallon… but I have a 2gallon housing my Willy’s P1 and it is what kept it smaller until I can go outside… still 30-36" tall and took 24 clones with out even noticing…

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@docee (lets see if I do this right). (the reply part, not the advice part; if I get that part wrong I own the shit):

  • First, let me know offline if you are US or not.
  • I have aphasia and am not sure I am saying this right or more importantly, clearly
  • I harvested my first-ever grow February 2015. IOW not that long ago.
  • In the beginning, like you and probably everyone else, I listened to anything and everything the “grey beards” had to advise about growing.
  • Back in the day (read: before dementia hit) I was an engineer or puzzle-solver by trade and by nature. Since many of the bits of advice from those who were respected or at least more experienced than I, those bits conflicted with each other and in some cases, real-world facts. It was a situation that was intolerable, very much a case of “water water everywhere but not a drop to drink” only in this case I was drowning in advice, and because there were so many conflicts (use this, dont use that, no don’t use this and DO use that" you know the kind I mean) I had two choices: give up or get to the bottom of it and decide who is right.
  • As a result of choosing the latter I have year-around crops now, make a special kind of RSO not available in stores, etc. And little of the original advice was followed. Not because I was some gift to growing (sure AF not a natural grower) but rather I took all of their advice and boiled it all down to its most basic elements, and once you only look at the its upon which the confusing advice was based on, it all became clear. Growing is both science and an art. The science part can be learned in an afternoon with the right reference materials and a properly-motivated student. The art on the other hand can take a lifetime to master and in those terms, I am barely learning to crawl.
  • I do NOT mead to diss the wisdom of the elder statesmen (or whatever the term is), just as I never held anything against any of my advice-givers even though in the end I ignored most if not all of it. Reason? They are all telling the gospel truth as they know it. For example, might claim the only proper way to germinate seeds is to stick the seeds on a soaked paper towel on a small plate,. in a baggie. Another might claim that you need to presoak and sand the seed hulls first so even the worst seeds get enough moisture w/o drowning the treasure within. Multiply this by a hundred and my pile of donated advice looks alot like what you have before you now. If not, give it a chance to.
  • That plus another 20 conflicting or partially-conflicting rules and I sat down and looked that the basics; the towel approach was good, but only if the moisture was kept constant and it was only kept constant as long as the baggie was kept shut. Anything else unbalanced the equation and you run the risk of losing the whole seed to over or under-watering.
  • To prove this I found a way to keep the moisture level constant on the hull of the seed and since I have a deteriorating memory, opening and checking fluid levels was out of the question because I could only count on remembering to do it sporadically so it had to take care of itself, at least as long as the seed took to germinate. The seed starter I wrote about elsewhere was the result of that tinkering and now even one of the original purveyors of advice uses it.
  • I bring up the seed starter only to support the end advice I have for you: listen to what folks tell you, it will almost undoubtedly be given with the purest of intentions and hope that you have a successful crop.What you need to do is to look at the advice, understand the core thing its trying to teach, then apply that to your exact situation. Simple example of this is outside growing; we get a nasty sun out here in Vegas that can fry a plant in hours which immediately puts most outdoor grow advice in the shitter and gives it a flush.
  • In my case, I came up with a kind of fundamental…not sure of word…acronym? Dunno, its late and the fog of dementia is descending as I write this. Anyhow I came up with a simplistic thing called FAWL for Food, Air, Water and Light, the four elements of all growing. Everything else is window dressing to me and so when catching new advice, I look at it thru the lens of that: How does this advice change or conflict with what I know about FAWL (food needs to be such and such, water needs pH of such and such, air simply needs to be part of the equation and light must be sufficient and of sufficient type). If the advice follows the FAWL school of thought, I go with it…for an experiment at least. I am worse than the FDA when it comes to fully adopting something. If it conflicts, basically that tells me that while it might work somewhere, it probably won’t work for me as-is. I might revisit it at a later time to explore possibilities but I never adopt it blindly, and that allows me to leave you with…
  • Dude, or dudette as the case may be, it may sound book-worm-ish to do so much research or studying a technique before using it but be clear on something: YOU will be the one to bring this plant to harvest, YOU will be the one to enjoy or not the resulting product as the case may be but most important of all, if something goes wrong YOU are the one on the hook for fixing it and if you don’t fully understand the “why” behind the thing you tried, you have little hope of understanding your way to fixing it. Also a hard lesson-learned. So I learned to listen to everyone first and listen to what my gut tells me about what they told IT.
  • Oh yeah and if all else fails, run, don’t walk, to get a copy of The Marijuana Garden Saver. My mentor told me to get one and it is the single-most useful book I have, I come back to it time after time and every time it saves my ass…

OK I hope this gives some food for thought and helps some. Teach a man to fish and all that rot…

OK fog here…peace out bro…


I use 2,5gal or 10L DIY airpots. I had very nice roots and plants. Now going with 10L or 2,5gal Fabric Pots for my next run. Happy Roots, Happy Plants.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute: