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Food for Thought: Cannabis Innovations & Future Food Security




If necessity is the mother of innovation, that may explain why the cannabis industry is already light years ahead of other sectors when it comes to sustainable best practices that other industries would be well served to adopt. At no time in history have their green innovations been more necessary than they are now.

Even though farmers are already suffering huge climate-related losses, the agriculture industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to emitting greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change. That’s unlikely to change in the absence of any effective regulations.

Although cannabis regulations weren’t imposed for environmental reasons, coping with the regulatory red tape and cost of compliance has necessitated the development of innovative solutions and best practices, which are proving to have some very positive environmental benefits. They are also proving to be as profitable as they are sustainable, and could help to prevent more costly problems such as untenable growing conditions and poisonous irrigation that would lead to food and water scarcity in the future.

In this interview, ProGrowTech’s Andrew Myers, a co-author of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, explains how advanced LED technology drastically reduces energy use and, with lower heat output, enables vertical stacking to maximize growing space. He offers great insight about ways in which the cannabis industry’s sustainable innovations could actually help industrial food farmers grow healthier food more profitably with fewer carbon emissions in the short term, while also mitigating environmental threats and improving food security for the future. We hope you enjoy listening!


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