Food For thought... DNA Fingerprinting for Cannabis Strains

Hello Growers Network! I am working with a a pharmacist and geneticist who is experienced in genetic fingerprinting and source-tracking of bacteria in waterways. We are wondering if growers and producers are interested in DNA fingerprinting of strains which could exactly verify strain identity. I have been thinking about this as a business. Do you think that people would find this useful? Would a verifiable genetic fingerprinting test be useful to the marketplace?


Hello, my name is Dr. Ethan Carruthers and I am the pharmacist and geneticist that Nick was referring to in this post and a new member. I am a medical cannabis pharmacist in Minnesota who worked under the auspices of the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Medical Cannabis with LeafLine Labs and I did medical level dosing but this question has been on my mind for a while.
I did DNA fingerprinting of bacteria and I think this might be useful for growers and producers but I don’t really know what is out there and what people might find compelling. However, I do think a certifiable DNA test could be useful for people to make sure their strain is what they say it is. It would be great to have a database to compare cultivars to and verifiably state their authenticity. Thoughts?


check out Mowgli Holmes at Phylos Bioscience and what he’s up to …