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Food For Thought

This is a short piece I wrote a little while back. I’m sharing it to show where my thinking is, and I’m dying for feedback.


Digging the Where the Wild Things Are banner.


Interesting read @suehiko! I like the idea and sentiment behind it (not sure about requiring farmers to be forced to diversify in their crop management though, I totally get the idea, I just think people (in my opinion) should have choice (and a moral compass that points them in that right direction, without being forced.)

If I could ask you a question based on the article, why is it do you think small farmers turn into “super farmers?” Why do these coops form in the first place? Doesn’t that give them more bargaining power, more buying power? More leverage in the market? If I was a farmer, wouldn’t I want those things? Or is that proposal you suggest to shift that power back in a more even balance, so large and small farmer are on the same playing field?

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