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Free $119 Direct Soil/Media EC Meter with $350 Purchase

Free HI98331 Direct Soil EC Meter with $350 order just use code: “GRO19” at checkout or call me at 401-765-7500 ext. 164

Works in coco, rockwool, soil, and even nutrient solution!

Easy ways to hit $350:

HI9814K GroLine Waterproof Combo Meter Kit

HI981420 GroLine Monitor for Hydroponic Nutrients

HI99121 pH Meter for Direct Soil Measurement

Deal valid until 6/21/19

Thank you!


BUMP - Offer ends tomorrow night!

The meter requires no calibration or storage solution and you can just wipe it off on your jeans!


Any one in our @memberdirectory interested in taking @hanna_groline up on their limited time offer?

If you think this Soil Test Meter would bring additional value to your operation or business, feel free to reply.

Happy growing!

~ :green_heart: Kareenabis~


Hi Hanna,

Do you all have meters that can feed into an arduino for continuous/long-term data collection?


Yes, we have controllers and transmitters with 4-20mA output as well as probes with BNC connections that you can attach to your Arduino.


Thanks for the info.

by the way you are very attractive


You’re welcome and thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you recommend for Portable Multiparameter for on the fly but Pro.
I know of some older Hanna 3 in 1 but I looking for the latest and greatest with a fast and accurate probe that does soil, roots, solutions, and light proteins.
pH probes have changed for the better and time is $.

A single portable unit that I can check soil pH and the EC of the ground and Temp if possible.
It’s for dirt and soilless looking for durability as well.
Also, auto shut off not so good when taking samples after 5 mins like my current meter is from another manufacture.
Depending on volts of the meter I use Lithium Phosphate rechargeable batteries if at all possible instead of 1 time batteries.

Kyle M