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Free GreenBroz Machine Rentals for Fire Victims

Hello everyone,

GreenBroz is proudly partnering with Thrive Hydroponics (Sonoma) and Hydro Pacific (Mendocin/Willits) to offer free GreenBroz machine rentals to anyone who purchased a trimming machine (ANY BRAND) and lost their machine in the fires.

Additionally, Thrive and Hydro Pacific are extending reduced GreenBroz rental rates of $100/day to ANY client who was impacted by the fires.

Please reach out to Thrive or Hydro Pacific and provide your trimming timeframe and general scope of your needs so they can make sure you are taken care of.

Thrive: 707.433.4068
Hydro Pacific: 707.467.0400

If you know of a cultivator who has been impacted but is not on this forum, please help them get this message so they know they have an offer of help if they need it.


Thanks for doing your part to help get affected growers back on their feet!


That is awesome! You have to love the heart and spirit of the cannabis community!!!

I will definitely share this!