Fun and Games on the Central Coast

Time to update! Crap!

Here is the plant (finally showing sex) last week:

And once she went into the SCROG and has recovered from the abuse:

And today:

GH Flora, Lucas Formula with Silica and occasional Cal Mag. Promix HP. Everything PH’d to 6.0 to 6.2 and around 700 ppm. I only feed/water when the media starts to dry out so every two days right now. 7 gallon. 16/8 with sun time when it’s out. This is the only one I have going right now and am not in a real hurry. I’ll let her populate a few more cells and then flip. I think I will also utilize the adjustable function of this SCROG and move it up to better support after the stretch.


She filled in nicely :grin: And fast too


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