Gavita plasma

Can we get a tester or two.
I want to try these out.
Anyone at growers house or Hawthorne. Wanna hook us up?

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Is that the 270e LEP?

Think so. They aren’t 100% yet techwise. But I still want to try one

I agree man! They look cool. I wonder how the heat out put is. That’s the only thing that I don’t like about the non passive air cooled hoods. Maybe it’s just cause I haven’t tried one or even checked one out in person. Seams like you’d need some ac or really good ventilation.

They don’t produce heat. The plasma bulb is charged by positive ions. Not electricity

Oh bitchin! That would be nice to not have to worry about burning you plants.

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The article is old. And I think Gavita worked out the need for supplemental lights. Maybe I’ll buy one. I’m on the fence right now.

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I hate to say this, but positive ions constitute electricity.

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