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GDP ready to harvest?

Hi All -

So I posted a few weeks back regarding some deficiencies I was spotting on my GDP’s.
Turns out that my soil PH was far too acidic due to some bad worm castings.
Needless to say I repotted them all and they are very close to harvest.
I have taken as best a pic as possible of the trichomes using macro function on my phone camera.
The pistols are about 20% brown.
I prefer the clean cerebral stimulating high as opposed to couch lock and have been told that it is best to harvest GDP when trichomes are still clear but well developed in order to achieve this.
I started flush a day ago.
Please let me know thoughts and pic


Always tell people about soil pH being a big issue. You must test it weekly. Prior to any feed. I usually test every other week following just water feeding. As for if.they are ready. You are the only one who can determine that. Check your trichs out. They will be the ones to tell you when its time.