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Genetic Preserver/Creator

I have a obsession with genes. Both new and old.
On some occassions i will swap with growers. Other times i buy out right.
Also worth noting I do breeding in my persoanl lab. Persons seeking a breeder like myself to create a strain for them or their company.
Please note this process takes time. Especially if you want F5+ quality or higher. BX, IBL, S fillial lines available aswell. Message me about all the deatails involed. Thanks guys.


How long have you been breeding? Can you share some of your favorite techniques for selecting the best breeding plants?

Well tbh it all starts with genetic selection. I aquire seeds from various places. Some are better then others. Meaning maybe i buy a f10 or Rbx. From that i will find complimenting genes. when i have a good gene pool i will pheno hunt for the traits i want to carry on. sometimes thousand of plants. Over a few years.

in fact i have had a open project for close to 10 years. im building a black plant. NO GREEN ANYWHERE. just black and sparkly.

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The usual things i tend to do is . work from f1 though thr F fillial lines. or cross over to self line. or IBL or BX. again years of work. i have so many unfinished lines. Very growable. Perfect for avg growers. Just not final product

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