Germination rate for fem seeds

Hey @mastergrowers,

We recently spoke with a client about feminized seeds. In his experience, feminized seeds have a lower germination rate than traditional seed. For example, he said that of a pack of 10 fem seeds, only 5 will germinate on average. Conversely, a 10 pack of traditional seed will typically yield 10 seedlings, 5 of which are typically female. In his mind, fem seeds aren’t worth the cost, since you end up with the same amount of viable fem plants.

What say you? Have you had a similar experience?


Great question, @BenMGC!

I’m a photo grower. Always have been.

Personally, in my grow I am not a fan of fems or autos. I can spot a male and get rid of it and will take the genetic stability that seems to accompany photo cultivars.

How do others feel about fems and autos?


Ive had pretty similar experiences. I’ve had entire packs of healthy seeming fem seeds that don’t germinate. with traditional seeds my rate has been north 90 percent for most of my life. they’re fine if you just want something to smoke and its the only way you can access the strain.


Maybe there is a technique to germinating them im not familiar with? anyone care to share or maybe explain why that is? (if it is…lol)


Interesting. I think that seed-breeder, company, age of seed matters a lot as well.

However, some breeders will tell you they haven’t completely mastered the whole feminization trick. He may be correct when you look at it. The only difference is the ease of growing for new growers who can’t deal with sexing. It’s easy for us but can be so stressful for people.

But further to his point, and not to disrespect feminized seed breeders, but there is still a bit of a consensus that regular seeds are better from a genetic stability standpoint. If you pay $50 for 10 regulars (getting 5 female) or you pay $50 for 5 feminized (getting 5 female) … same difference from a price standpoint. But the genetics will be better and more stable possibly in the regular seeds.

It really depends on what you plan to do. I have a mother grown from seed that has given me 25 and will soon give me 25 more. But if you don’t intend to clone or do anything other than simply grow and flower the plant then maybe it doesn’t matter so much.

I see his point though.