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Get Cannabis Interns and Employees

The Cleveland School of Cannabis is now graduating our first wave of students and are looking to place graduates in paid and unpaid internships as well as permanent employment across the country. Our students have passed at least 136 - 266.5 clock hours of training in multiple subjects through State Approved Certificate programs. These programs are similar to accounting, paralegal and real estate certificates only for cannabis. Companies will be lucky to have our students involved in their businesses. I hope to hear from you all about your needs. Thanks

Our certificate programs are in
Medical Applications of Cannabis
Cannabis Horticulture
Cannabis Business
Cannabis Executive (all 3 in 1 program)


As a joke on a cannabis related social website, I posted a photo saying “Help Wanted - Caution Nude Farming Ahead”.

Whether there are a lot of nudist stoners or just everyone wants to work outdoors in Hawaii, I got dozens of PM responses, many offering to intern for free.

I guess that the moral to this story is that potential employers need to look carefully at the motivation and experience of even intern applicants or things will go sideways quickly.

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That’s funny. Finding quality employees and interns in this industry is tough. Our program has high standards and I think hiring grads from CSC is a way to cut through the nonsense.

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I’m glad to see that professional programs and even degrees are being produced in our world.
When I owned an orchid nursery, I often told neophyte growers that you have to kill a few dozen before you get the hang of growing them. From a retailer point of view, that was great for sales, but as a producer, I can’t afford staff to take that same attitude with our product.