Giving Away 5 Grams Of Oregon Hemp Flower Free – Just cover shipping. The GREAT Oregon Hemp Flower Giveaway. HORRIBLE YEAR FOR HEMP FARMERS! ASKING FOR HELP PLEASE READ!

Hey guys, hope this is ok to post here. If not, please let me know and I will take it down.

tl;dr - Horrible year for hemp farming. Trying to sell our hemp flower with website. Please help and share the video of our free giveaway below. Go ahead and take advantage of it, and get 5 x1 gram prerolls free. $8.95 covers S&H. We have way more than 20,000 to giveaway. Link and video below.

If you havent probably heard yet, but it has been very rough for the Hemp Farmers this year. And I mean very, very rough. I’ve heard of 6 farmers that have committed suicide… That’s way rough.

The prices completely tanked. Last year smokable flower was selling at $500/lb on the low end and around $3.50 a point for biomass. Right now you’d be lucky to get $100/lb for smokable and $0.40 a point for biomass.

Way too many farmers jumped “ALL-IN” with the hemp venture. But I believe there are other factors at play. I think it’s also the fact that vape products were banned (CBD vapable pens) and the retail side (gummies and tinctures) are over-priced.

BUT CBD oil is at an all-time low!!!

Last year, T-Free Distillate was going for $14,000/L, now it under $4,000/L. That means tinctures, gummies and vape pens should also drop it price… RIGHT???

The problem is there are lots bottlenecks in this industry that is still in its infancy. Lets not even start with the brokers….SHEESH.

Like I said, it has been a very hard year so here is where I do my begging……

My partner and I put together a website where we are not only selling our 2 strains, but also helping out 7 other farmers that we know personally who are also struggling to sell their hemp. We have a total of 10 strains available for sale, right now, in preroll form and smokable flower in smell proof, mylar packages. With shipping available via USPS. All they require is our handlers license and COA’s of the flower. We accept all major credit card through Square. If you want to see what we have to offer check out our site at:

We are so desperate for sales and branding that we are giving away Five 1-Gram Pre Roll for Free, just $8.95 to cover S&H. Click here if you want free hemp flower prerolls.

We sell that 5 pack on our store for $19.99 here.

Youtube will not let us advertise our free give away so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share the video below with all your friend and enemies. It would help us out a lot.

Thanks everybody, and much love!!!

And again, if it’s not cool to have this up let me know and Ill take it down.


Soooo sorry to hear about your troubles my friend… And give condolences for those lost but never give up persistence is key… I am not a cannabis industry leader or can’t purchase but I read the thread… In my opinion as a business owner(non cannabis)… Have you thought about re investing in higher THC products… I believe hemp is going to be more industrial commerce such as clothing, cosmetics etc… The legalization is mainly high thc products… You can possibly branch into other aspects with hemp… As everyone does I use hand lotion what’s it made of hemp… Called Hempz… I wish you great luck and again no farmer should endure the stresses and financial difficulty that hemp/cannabis farmers go through!!! Peace Love and positive vibes go out to you and your family in Oregon!! I’m sorry I can’t purchase any hemp right now

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Having been in Ag lending a long time, I can tell you it’s very tough, but, you are not alone, there is always an option.
My sympathy goes out to all farming families, we appreciate the hard work you do.

Every product goes through booms and busts, the key is keeping your overhead minimal and planning.
Yes, cannabis will eventually be a traded commodity on CME GLOBEX, as the large multinationals someday enter the market.

However, there will always be craft growers.

I have already heard of operations considering a tactic called “predatory pricing” dropping prices below production costs, and keeping it there as long as it takes to squeeze competition out of existence.

I have been in contact with some industry groups and key individuals on specifically how to level the playing field for small farmers and establish free market conditions that would limit any large players from monopolizing the market.

The farmers in the 1840s faced a similar situation, their solution was successful and continues today.
In future posts, I will be addressing that subject and asking for input.
There is a way for the farmer who grows 40lbs to compete with the operations that produce 140,000lbs. and stay in business.
Stay tuned to the Growers Network,

Meanwhile, I’m saying Oregon’s best for Free?
Thank you!