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GN Poll: Do you wear eye protection in your grow?

This is a topic that is gaining popularity. Tell us, do you take care of your eyes when you are in your grow facility? Do you mandate that staff wear eye gear? Regulation is on the horizon, my friends.

  • I wear eye protection in my grow
  • I do not wear eye protection in my grow
  • Everyone wears eye protection in my grow

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Let’s chat eye gear. What do you wear while working?

You all should wear protection especially if you deal with LED lighting and CMH or additional UV lighting. But unfortunatly the real protective eye protection will lead to a limited vision and most of the rest is from a optical view only voodoo :wink:




PPE should always be considered unless you want an OSHA fine. Gloves if you use snips. Eye protection for the same reason. Filter masks if fumes or dust particles are present. Shredding Equipment should have guards to protect hands, etc. It’s no different than a factory floor or construction site. Safety First. Save Lives, Save Money.


I’m not growing indoors professionally these days, but when I did, I sure wish I had used eye protection.

Went from better than 20/20 vision to needing reading glasses in about 6 years of working under HPS lights