GN Poll: Seeds or Clones?

What’s your preference for your starts? Seeds or Clones? Both have their advantages, both have their drawbacks. Let’s chat about what our @memberdirectory prefers.

I prefer to start with:

  • Seeds
  • Clones

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Speaking as a hobbyist home grower, I like seeds. I find they are easier to top and train since the early nodes are evenly spaced and the element of uncertainty and variation between the plants is fun to observe. However, I can totally understand how that uncertainty is not desirable for commercial growers.


As a commercial grower, I need all of my plants sexually mature and the same size on the day I need them. This way I get even canopies of one strain so my lighting can be at the optimum height for the whole crop. Pheno hunting and sexing is done by the cloners.


I prefer clones unless I’m searching for a new strain. As a caregiver my patient usually request a certain type of meds, so to keep it consistent to their needs I take clones from a mother plant. I do like to pop new seeds to find new strains, It can be a little time consuming because of the pheno hunt and also can increase plant count because I try to keep a cut from each female so I can run the pheno I select for future grows.


Doesn’t it depend on your goals? Seeds are good for introducing genetic variability and selecting for attractive traits. Once the genetics are dialed-in, clones keep an operation more efficient since all the plants behave alike.


It really depends. Most of my favorite strains are clone only and not easy to talk them into sharing.
If at all possible, I try to find regular seeds and request breeders to offer more regular seeds.


As said before, that choice definitely depends on the goals and what is needed.
If seeds were f4 or 5, and very homegenious, then I’d prefer seeds, because I feel you get better vigor. However, having the exact same stock every time is key, without variation.


Really awesome point regarding the filial generation and the vigor you gain form garnering a true F1. Thanks for the call-out!

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