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Going from indoor and lights to outdoor and sun

Hey folks new to the forum, glad I found you. Here’s my situation… I have a big Durbin Poison momma plant I have had my greenhouse all winter under natural light and LED after dark, 18hrs on/6hrs off. I just cut clones that I want to put out after my last frost June 15th or so. So how do I wean the clones from 18 hours of light to natural light cycle without early flowering? It will be within days of the solstice when they go outside. Thanks.


Some people recommend backing off one hour at a time every other day or so until it matches your current light cycle. After that, feel free to stick them outside.

I just stick them outside, when the temperatures are OK. I have yet to have problem with my plants re-vegging.

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Thanks a ton! That’s what I was thinking just needed some backup.


Where about are you growing? Show us some pics of your plants!

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I grow in New Mexico at 8,000ft elevation. I have a limited number of plants of 3 types. Durban Poison and Sour Tangie I just started last year and a homemade strain I’ve been growing 30 years its made of G13 and Crypto Crash