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Graymarket Operators and the Government

Many of you may be seeing the blogs and social media presence between Weedmaps and the federal Government based on their recent launch of “gray market” retail shops who are operating out of licensing based on their states rules and regulations.

A Cease and Desist order was recently sent to the Weedmaps on them allowing advertisers in the the “unlicensed” arena of recreational sales, to stop them from advertising. This begs the question, should weedmaps have to determine that? I personally do not think so, and they shot back with the same stance.

“the company is not licensed by the bureau and therefore not subject to its enforcement.” They also said, “Weedmaps is protected from such action because the company is an “interactive computer service” covered under the Federal Communications Decency Act.”

According to the below CannaLaw Blog " Although these CUA collectives and cooperatives can continue to serve qualified patients and their caregivers without the administrative annoyance or cost of having to comply with MAUCRSA, they can’t engage in the for-profit sale of cannabis or any level of “commercial cannabis activity” without a license."

What are all your thoughts - do we think the advertisers will win this battle or will the “find your weed” online websites be continually used to shut down these non-licensed shops? I am curious what you all think.

Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


If this is such a big problem, one would think that the Bureau of Cannabis Control would use Weedmaps to find and close down the unlicensed dispensaries, not try to stop them from advertising. Just my 2 cents worth.


Sounds like “The Bureau” is already getting a little to big for its britches .