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GreenBroz Precision Cannabis Batcher

Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce you to the GreenBroz Precision Batcher.

The flexibility and accuracy of the GreenBroz Precision Batcher, powered by Green Vault Systems, are second to none when it comes to batching and packaging cannabis flower.

This innovative packaging technology uses gentle puffs of air, also known as Air Kush Technology, to move product rather than vibration. The process aids in the preservation of trichomes on your flower, leading to a higher end-potency, better market price, and a consumer experience that lives up to your brand’s high standards.

The GreenBroz Precision Batcher is the only specifically designed weight batcher for the cannabis industry, delivering ultra-high tolerances (down to 0.01 gram) and capacities that not only increase overall product value but reduce labor and handling for higher product quality.

Read more about the Precision Batcher or take the 3D Virtual Tour here:

Hit us up at 844.379.8746 or [email protected] for pricing quotes or to learn more!


Review by Palomar Craft Cannabis in California.


Overview of the machine from the guys at Green Vault Systems.

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Overview of the Precision Batcher WITH a review by The Clinic Colorado.

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