Grow light at home

I am about to grow in my shed outside and was wondering what is a GOOD grow light? Also does it need to adjust up and down? Thanks


Lots of good ones out there now. how big a space? And yes you need to hang it with ratchet ropes so you can move it up as they grow. Make sure your “shed” is light proof.


Hi @newbie19 , good to see you back. You need to work the size of your grow area first? How plants do you want to grow? A good place to start is here:

Shout when you have more details.

Thank you for replying. I’m going to probably start with 2 plants. The shed is about 7x9. There are so many lights available and everyone says theirs is the best. I just want aGOOD quality light. One again, thanks

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Something simple, that will cover a 3 x 3 area, and covers all light spectrums plants need to thrive is this one:

If u can stick with a light that uses samsung lm 301h chips and a mean well driver. Preferably hlg lights will do u about the best. They have outstanding customer services and orders come quick from them. A bit more pricy but far worth it.