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Grow room quanties

I am new at this and finishing my business plan. I need help with math so I can figure how many plants please. In a grow room how many pants per foot on non-rolling benches, how many in veg and mother rooms per foot also?
I am hiring a grower and I would input from the pros to ensure he knows .
Thanks for input



This is not a simple question to answer. Since Cannabis is controlled by the chosen light cycle, growers can choose to grow their plants small or large. Smaller plants will require more per square foot whereas larger plants will require less to fill out the same space. If they grow “sea of green” they may want more plants. Different irrigation methods may be more appropriate for a different number of plants, or different size/shape pots. Its really all very customizable.

I know this answer isn’t super helpful…but I’d expect a decent grower to answer in a similar fashion. Or answer based on the limitations you provide.


Thank you cberg



Probably could weigh in here!