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Growers! How would you like to save green with clean, efficient biomass heat?

With increased global demand and heightened environmental concerns, fossil fuel prices continue to be volatile. Heating, cooling and electrical costs for commercial operations, including greenhouses, are a significant portion of their operating expenses. An opportunity exists for the replacement of fossil fuels with woody biomass. With today’s technologies wood heating is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel heating. For most greenhouse operators, heating cost is the 2nd or 3rd highest cost in producing plants, so figuring out the most cost effective way to heat your greenhouse is very important. WoodMaster is a leader in natural energy and alternative fuel heating. WoodMaster carries a full line of parts and accessories and provides attentive, expert service for the life of your boiler system.

To find out exactly how much money you can save, along with added benefits specific to your operation, call 1-800-932-3629 or visit for additional information.

boiler cutaway 2018.pdf (5.6 MB)

PROJECTS: Dayton Valley Aquaponics. Minden, NV
Dayton Valley Aquaponics installed a WoodMaster Commercial Series CS300 and CS500 boiler to reduce their greenhouse heating costs and keep their business sustainable.
The WoodMaster Commercial Series boilers heats the 21,750 square foot greenhouse facility and displaces their natural gas usage.

Schaefer’s Gardens, Triangle, NY
Schaefer’s Gardens installed a WoodMaster Commercial Series CS500 to reduce their greenhouse heating costs and keep their business sustainable. Since firing up the boiler in October 2014, Schaefer’s Gardens has reduced their heating bills by 35%.


Wow! Great post and pictures @mgagner!!

I wonder what some of our grow op owners are using to save energy while heating their operations :thinking:.

Hey @Ryder, @L453836 and @Cap10 - just noticed you guys online and I would like to know how you heat up your operations?

What are some of your cost efficient ways to save energy and funds?

What do you think of this woody biomass boiler?

Looking forward to reading your feedback and learning from your expertise.

Success Coach


Something like this is great for extractors too. Many large crude extraction units are going to require quite a bit of heated water. Our electric boiler that heats the jackets on our big evaporators is 18,000 BTU, and uses up quite a bit of heating energy.

The best part about using this in the extraction sector is that you can put biomass waste into it which has already had anything of value stripped out through the extraction process.