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Growers Network Grow Battle?

Yup. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I am just throwing this out there as a concept…How might we roll this idea out. I’m open to any and all suggestions, ideas, concepts, points to avoid, etc. Bring it on!

We like to be on the cutting edge of all things cannabis growing, so being the first to host a Grow Battle is an extension of that thinking.

So GNET, @mastergrowers, @growopowners, @Caregivers, @GrowOpEmployees, @DispensaryEmployees, @DispensaryOwners, @ServiceProviders, @RetailCannaDeliv, @EquipSuppliers, @EquipManufacturers, @FoundingMembers and @ThoughtLeaders, how might we go about organizing a (friendly) Grow Battle?


What would a grow battle entail?


That’s what I’m trying to develop now. I have a few thoughts. Lots of logistics to figure out. One thought is maybe have one cultivar grown by many growers…


This really is just a brainstorming exercise at the moment, I would love to have a lot of ideas to spring from to ultimately develop the actual parameters of a Grow Battle.

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If your in the our area, I am sponsoring a day with Dr. Elaine Ingham - one of the world’s authority on soil microbiology.

If you can make it, you have a complementally ticket waiting.



A grow battle sounds like a worthy and useful endeavor. I support that.



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@synergyagpro, thank you so much for the invite! It’s truly an honor! Unfortunately, it’s very short notice and I’ll be up in the Phoenix area on Friday and wont be able to make it to California that day. Is this a one-time event?


Thanks, Andrew! Any thoughts on how we could make a Grow Battle happen?? What would your ideal Grow Battle look like??


Well first, you need to define the parameters and rules of the contest.

Questions to ask yourselves: What exactly IS the challenge? How fast? How many? How potent? Categories?

Are you the first to host a Grow Battle, or is it really just a “Cannabis Cup” limited to growers?

Defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) would be a good place to start, IMHO.


Good point. We need parameters and rules. Great suggestions! Thank you! What do you think? I like speed and potency for metrics (as they are fairly easily measured) if we were going to have a growing contest. Remember, I am coming from the background of a grower, so my mind is naturally going to be geared toward that topic. There are enough cups out there, I want to come up with a novel concept.

I am open to having several Grow Battles across a variety of topics or categories or segments of the industry.


For me, the most important question is: How can a Battle like this improve the network/networking?

My answer, so far, is Let’s build Team’s :wink: For example @mastergrowers + @EquipManufacturers

So who want to join my team? :grin:


I love it! Teams! Great idea!


Sorry about the short notice.

We are sponsoring this one for local professional growers.

Next one for us will around December, to coordinate with The Emerald Cup.

Check out Dr. E’s site

She does many seminars all over the country.


I think a novel approach would be to make the focus of the battle, either a solution to a problem currently facing cannabis growers (Indoor, Outdoor, Hydroponic), or one that advances grow knowledge that will be used “universally.”

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Brilliant! I love both ideas!

…now how to best integrate…?


For me the first battle would be a question of quantity/quality per sqf per periode of time…

So I would start quite oldschool…

  1. Every team gets 1m² or 1,44m² tent everything else can be designed/managed by the team
  2. Every team gets the same genetics/strain
  3. Every team gets the same periode of time
  4. Every team has the same obligation to document the process, etc. and to share that data too :wink:

…and here we go!!!


I like it!


Great thought! Grow the same cultivar in whatever methods various growers decide to use
(documenting along the lifecycle of the plant what was used for lighting, nutrients, pesticides, fungicides) and test the cannabinoid content, terpene content, weight, and users experience.


This sounds awesome! That being said, I tend to see the issues and play devils advocate…please forgive me… these are the biggest challenges I predict.

  1. Crossing state lines is not yet allowed. So, there is no legal way to ensure the same seed/clones/genetics are involved at every site.
  2. Same with the finished product if any “taste testing” were to be involved. How do people do this for cannabis cups? Is it all grown within the state of the cup? I’m guessing not but I’ve never participated.
  3. Some states do not have the ability to test for certain parameters we may be interested in. For instance, here in NY we are very limited in 3rd party testing, and cannot get results for many cannabinoids and terpenes.

Besides that I’m sure we can get a great competition going, using the honor system for data and photos for visual!


I love these ideas! There is a lot we can test and measure!