Growing inside now and outside in 2022 here in the NorthEast

today is07/17/2022

these shots are from the last couple of day, from 6a til 3pm yesterday spend pulling

weeds (not The Weed :wink: )

layed out some soaker hose

nice plant for a boy :frowning:

chopped him back see if he will reveg, hit him with some 20-20-20 jack’s

Auto in full flower after the move

the other one :wink: cut off a foot it did well

Purple Diesel (purple punch x new york city diesel)

Skunks from James Coldflame over at OverGrow

Chocolate Rain

Blueberry Haze


my cross, off my rolling tray

Living Corpse

Grape Goo Diesel a Gift

Ancestral Skunk not liking me :frowning:

all the best and be safe



Auto buds :slight_smile:

buds very dry so very sticky :slight_smile:

be safe and be well



Mums the word :shushing_face: lol.


Today is 07/27/2022

it is time for some Blah Blah Blah and some photos

these are from


things are getting bushy and filling in, but they are getting a bit tall

so will need a little trimming

starting to trim my Autos to hang inside to dry

these shots are from 07/26/2022

a couple of photos of a Preservation Skunk from Sebring

it was not showing sex so it got put under 12/12 for 5 or 6 days

and did not like that at all, took a bit to reveg but is budding like crazy

so we will see

Living Corpse

666 (7of 9 x Death Breath) x Death Breath

I do not know anything about this cross other than I paid a buck seed for

feminized regulars

it is almost twice as wide as it is tall and looks like lots of flowers are on the way

H.O.G. ( Highland Oaxaca Gold )

a Skunk cross from James Coldflame

went thru and cut a couple of feet of growth off the plants to shorten them up

to level up the canopy

a plant that seeded itself turning into buds

Auto self seeded getting ready to get chopped

some Auto buds hanging to dry or laid out

smells very good I have not as of yet smoked any, nor do I know much

about the crosses

all the best and have a great day



Beautiful looking plants :+1:t2:


thank you sir :slight_smile: the plants do the work and i watch :wink:

today is 07/29/2022

I am working at moving terabytes of data for a Network Upgrade

and I am bored to tears, so I found photo from years back

so let me Photo Bomb you all

some buds inside and out

GDP outside 2010 or so

Skunk #1 cross under HPS

same grow no lights on

a 3 foot by 3 foot hall closet first grow I ever did over a pound of dry bud

using a single 400 watt lamp about 2007 -2008


first grow box not in the house with 3 - 400 watt HID lamps 2001-2002 ish

Skunk #1 from that grow

BC Big Bud they are both 21 days after the flip

1200 watt grow on a back porch 2007, I ran 3 - 400 watt lamps for years

was knocking down 1200+ grams a grow

outside 2010

my grow partner did not do much real work but could Supervise



Foundation Ducks when they were babies


playing at Hempys


skateboarding days

building my grow room

all the best and enjoy the day



Dequilo! So cool! Big ups for skateboarding days!
Those skunks you had there early-late 2000’s… Those were the skunks dude! From the sort, if you had 0.5g of it in a baggie in a baggie in your glovebox for like 30 seconds and then open the car again, it would smell like opening an Amsterdam coffeeshop door. Always on the look for heavy, super heavy reeking skunks/cheeses like that. Why I bought the Exodus Cheese from GHS recently.


Great looking bushes/trees @dequilo!


@MrMonkey420 I have a couple zorlac big boys, might be on Independent Trucks

would have to look be sure of the wheels :frowning:

been a while

thanks for looking and stopping by

@sdoyle now I am growing bushes this is my third year back outside, those are 2008 - 2010

I was growing in pots as the laws here sucked ass huge and as one to always have way too

many plants for the law :frowning:

just let them grow as I could move them if need be

thanks for looking at my work

all the best and be safe



Today is 08/06/2022 and the start of

As I just said to my wife because of the lack of good Adult Supervision

I have way too many plants for my lazy stoner ass to trim :frowning:

she says I will help, she will trim one plant very well

the second plant she will make 2 liter soda bottle bud into a Bic lighter

so I will be looking at table top bowel trimmers and will put what I buy up

some kind of Auto

self seeded Auto Cross of mine

Living Corpse

Sebring Ancestral Skunk

Grape Goo Diesel

all the best and enjoy the day



Well I tell ya… I think buying a bowl trimmer would be a mistake. You’re talking about trimming two maybe three oz at a time. With the forest you have I would highly recommend using a charge card if necessary and buying the 1900 toms Tumblr. You can buy the smaller one and then keep adding to it and spend more money for the same thing or you can just bite the bullet and get The 1900 and be done. It’ll get about half your buds hundred percent and the other half you gotta do a snip here and there on a stem but that’s about it. you can do your initial trim on two # in 15 or 20 minutes and then take an hour or so to go through it for a final trim. Talk to @nacho151 about it he’s the one that showed me the light. :wink::+1:t3::v:t3:


thank you for the tip my Friend :slight_smile:

I see they also make a 1600 that I could put a motor on

with a resin screen I can make lots of hash

but for a few dollars more the 1900 may be the way to go

all the best



My largest plant last year, after I tumbled it and finish trimming it up I took all of the leftover trim and put it in with the Kief screen. I got almost 3 ounces of Kief off of the trim… One Plant. :+1:t3::v:t3:


If I could do it over i would have gotten the 1900. By the time you piece it together the 1900 will save you $100 or more. Just my 2 cents! You will never complain about trim jail again! Lol!


:rofl: :rofl:


never do now :slight_smile: more I trim the more bud I have to smoke :wink:

not as funny when it is happening

I end up throwing out lots of trim that I could be making things with :frowning:

it will kill two birds with one stone

all the best



Today is 08/08/2022

so over this weekend I made some canna coconut oil

I was working on rounding up quart Mason jars for buds

and found that I had 3 - 3 quart jug of oil that needed to get

used up ASAP

so I made 6 quarts of oil this weekend, I used it to make 000 pills and


I used between 10 -12 ounces to make three quarts of oil

11.5 oz of fresh dried Auto flower buds

broke up to go in the oven to convert

covered with parchment paper to keep the goodies in

after 60 minutes at 350 F ready to go in the oil

in the jars and done

Chocolate Rain

just random plants, I did stop counting at 50 plants

so I have lots

I am looking at tumbler trimmer to help lighten the load on trimming

need to read some reviews and watch some videos

all the best and have a great day



They look great @dequilo!


@dequilo I believe I could lost (hide) in that jungle and be quite content ! Good work brother.


Mmmmmayb…nah I still think its funny :rofl: Train your wife!