Growing inside now and outside in 2023 here in the NorthEast

the month that comes after month 17 :wink:

of course :slight_smile:


waiting on parts to build lights :frowning:

plants are looking like ass :frowning:

8 dollars strip lights work but you get what you pay for eh? not well :frowning:

bored to tears :cry: what to do?

I know plants seeds :wink:


SnowHigh’s Blackberry Spacewreck


Annunaki Genetics Epoxy Og x Huckleberry Soda


AG Seed Co Skunk 1 x ( UK Cheese '89 x Skunk Bud # 18)


“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.”


Good Day Folks

I have been wanting to build some LED lights for the last couple of years

I will be redoing my grow room this spring and hope to never use my HIDs


I will be building two 2 foot by 4 foot 200 watt lights to use over

a couple shelves for seedlings and clones

each of these lights will be on 2 x 4 foot Aluminum frames with

14 - BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 they are 2 foot strips running at 24 volts

@ 13.6 watts per strip for 191 watts total

I will be driving them with the HLG-240H-24B MEAN WELL which have external


I will also build five more light on 20 inch by 4 foot frames to use for

veg/flower each light will be 300 watts on 20 inch by 4 foot Aluminum frames with

11 - BXEB-L1120Z-35E4000-C-B3 these are 4 foot strips running at 48 volts

@ 27.3 watts per strip for 300 watts a light

I will be driving these strips with the MEAN WELL HLG-320H-48B

which also has the same dimming feature

this will give me about a total of 1900 watts of LED lights to replace all

my HIDs and Florescent lights

I went with 3500K so they can be used from start to finish

will do 2 veg 3 flower or 3 veg 2 flower we will see

all the best and enjoy the day



I stand corrected :frowning: the do not suck ass it was an IO error as they say

IO error Idiot operator

I had the plants way too far from the lights so no growing

just maintaining the plants

moved them about 18 inches closer all is better

now they are growing but 6000k is not the best :frowning:

so we will build some lights :slight_smile:

all the best and grow well


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plants on10/18

not so bad

that is all for 10/18/2022

more to come


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this is 10/28/2022

plant the cops missed

plants the cops were too lazy to pull just cut them off but

made buds :slight_smile:

and seeds for every three grams of bud you get 2 grams of seeds

all the best


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metal :slight_smile:

will be lights soon

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plants on 11/26/2022

looking better after being moved closer to the light

hempys making a go

plants so we can get up to date and talk about LED light builds

all the best


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