Growing inside now and outside in 2023 here in the NorthEast

got a link? :slight_smile:


some time in April I need to start 80 autos to do some Guerilla growing :slight_smile:


some photos :slight_smile: sitting here at work bored to death :frowning:

hindsight is 20/20 I should have not blown all that ill gotten gain

oh well easy come easy go

I have 9 MAC crosses under 500 watts of LEDs in about a 5 foot by 5 foot


these are around 12 days after the flip should be 8 to 10 weeks and done

24 clones 4 of my crosses in the water 6 of each

the six plant count has left the building :wink: thank and goodnight

getting there plants under LEDs appear to need more food

a couple of Autos Montana Yeti starting to finally grow :slight_smile: Autos and me

inside has not been working so well :frowning:

so I am out of room, said to my wife yesterday good thing spring is just around the

corner as I am out of room

ya sixty days she says what a kill joy and she goes on and says how can you

be out of room with six plants

need to stop talking to her about growing

starting to recover from the pruning this weekend I will take a bread knife

and cut about 1/3 to 1/2 of the root-ball off so i can repot them into the

same size pots with fresh soil-less

all the best and enjoy the day



03/12/2023 spring ahead :slight_smile:

9 - 3 gallon MAC, Black Alien MAC (Black Domina/MAC x MACRIDDLE) crosses in flower 14 days

since the flip Friday morning

I had some plants that have been in 3 gallon pots since August/September the soil-less

is getting beat and there is more roots the soil-less

roots do not hold water so well :frowning:

very crappy photos but you will get the idea

root bound Henny in a 3 Gallon pots but I have no room to move this plant to a bigger

pot, the plant needs new soil-less

took a steak knife and cut off 1/3 to 1/2 of the root ball an add some new


I did 5 or 6 of these plants they are ones I will be using as stock plants

for clones

next day after some root pruning

all the best and be safe



It’s gonna be some fire love the plant structure deffently gonna be hanging with juicy flower


(1) (Black Afghani x Iraqi 66) x White Cherry Truffle

(2) Long Valley Royal Kush x Pakistani Chitral

(3) (Sunset Sherbet x Durban) x Guava Hashplant aka ‘Guayaba’

(4) Black Mamba (Exotic Genetix) x Cherry Pie Hindu

(5) Gorilla Glue x Pineapple Afghani

for 2024 outside always good to plan ahead


Yeah I’m using 7 gallon pots right now but you think a 3 gallon or a 5 gallon pot would be better with 4 or 5 plants in a 4x4 tent?


five gallon pots a OK and do work I like 3 gallon pots they are hard to overwater when

plants get bigger

I have 6 or 7 in 7 gallon pots to go outside in the ground once you are in a 7 gallon pot inside

what next ? nothing, bigger gets unmanageable inside

4 x4 tent you can do 9 - 3 gallons pots ez but in flower humidity control will be something you

will need at that plant density

all the best and be safe



47 days until May First and plants in the ground

just need for this to get out of here :frowning:

my grow spot

the road in front of my place yesterday, why my taxes are so low

worst today the wind is howling I have four foot drifts in my driveways

no snow plows as of yet

got to love the Northeast never a dull moment



I bet you’d be one of those guys standing next to the plants that look like 15 foot tall lollipops if you lived out here. Apparently you can start outside now if you start with a seed straight in the ground.:+1:t3::v:t3:


I cut plants outside with Hedge Shears :slight_smile:


this roof had no snow on it before this storm and it has melted down today

a couple of feet at the least

looking like buds :slight_smile:

coming back nicely after a bit of trimming

grow well and be safe



Today is 03/16/2023 I have dug out the sun is out and things are melting

Come on Spring !!!

I have used Jack’s Classic for a long time started with it as Peter’s

outside I use Horse shit it is a return on my investment (Feed) and have been building

soil since 1996 here

inside I use soil-less as soil is to be used outside :slight_smile: just me

I want to try something different for plant food I used Super Natural

powdered nutes for years

love their stuff they are BC based and was having a hard time getting it here

where I live :frowning:

I was reading a long ass grow thread at another place and this growers work was

outstanding a single product start to finish

Mega Crop

they have a sample 3 pound bag for about 9 dollars to the door, for that

price I got lots of plants to kill

time will tell it always does…it’s a snitch

grow well and stay safe



Cool I’m gonna check it out. :+1:t3::v:t3:


the truth does not fear investigation




I was looking at some photos from back in my youth, in a past life I made

garments for the motorcycle trade

Joan Jett on Chuck Zito’s Motorcycle in a park in Mount Vernon NY

for bike magazine Outlaw Biker in a jacket I made for the photo

it was for a legal defense fund for Chuck

he was in jail in Japan on a gofast charge (made up) at the time he was her body guard



Hey @dequilo I have used Mega Crop before on an outside grow. It works well but I fed it too often or too much, between Sept 21 and Oct 21 my plants burned beyond recognition! Once it started I couldn’t stop it. I think I just over fed them, idk!


@papajerry Thank you for the feedback my friend :slight_smile: I thought for the price and the grow

I saw it should be well worth the price to try

I will use it on something inside, outside after years of picking rocks, tilling and horse shit my soil

has become black gold

it does need much added

My thoughts and some two cents

I am glad I took down my HIDs and packed them away if I had left them hanging I would have been

using them :frowning:

that is not what going to LEDs was all about for me, yes I wanted to say coin but after the rate

increase saving is not as big but big enough :slight_smile:

I will be the first to say any difficulty I have had is do to my lack of understanding

read many many things post on the world wide web that help to make my understanding as

clear as mud

one of my problem is I do not have any real feeding schedule, I will PH and test my water

when I am rotting in my grave

is it a good idea to :slight_smile: yes it is

what I had come to believe is this my growing under LEDs exactly like under HIDs was flawed

if not stupid

for the simple reason of apples and oranges, they are the same in the fact they are fruits

HIDs and LEDs are indeed both lights but not the same unless used the same

first thing was a twenty year old light meter not good for anything other then telling me if

the lights were turned on or off little help for LEDs

I was feeding them just like I was under HIDs by rote not by looking at the plant

so they were starving

after getting the PPFD right an the RH right for the temp and lights, the plants looked better

not good :frowning:

three day ago I was dumping out a bucket of the water from the dehumidifier it hit me

if they are transpiring at that rate I need to feed them a lot more

I gave them a shot of the once a month 1/2 teaspoon a gallon rate going to drop down to

1/4 teaspoon a gallon every watering

they are looking better so we will see

be safe and grow well