Growing is a rollercoaster

First time grower from South Africa here. What a journey it has been so far. I learned a lot that’s for sure. I am growing my plants outside and flowering stage has started 2-3 weeks ago. I was really happy when two of my three plants developed pistils:

Three days ago I saw this:

My precious female plant turned into a hermie :sob: I am really sad now. This is my biggest plant and I am not sure what to do with it now. Should I just get rid of it all together?

I moved my other female plant to the other side of the house. But since pollen can travel long distances I am not sure if this is a good idea. It can be quite windy where I live and I really want to avoid that my last female plant is pollinated. It might be too late already though. Who knows. Because some of the pollen sacs have opened already as you can see on this pic:

Will it make a difference at this point? Should I still “kill” the hermie?

I am just a bit reluctant because I put so much work and time into growing this plant. Also it may sound stupid, but I feel bad for “killing” it. It’s part of the family now lol. Does it make sense to keep the hermie and to see if it still grows some buds even if there will be seeds? Or will the buds be useless for smoking (or baking cookies)?

And one last question. I cloned my my plants a couple of weeks ago. The clones are still very small because it took quite some time for them to develop roots. How likely is it that the clones of the hermie will be hermies too? I know that cannabis plants can turn into hermies because of their genetics or because of stress. I haven’t really stressed the mother plant (not that I know of…) so I suppose it might be genetics and I am not sure whether it makes sense to keep them.

Thanks for any advice :pray:


If its Hermie then IMHO its garbage. And all the others that are in that group are Hermie. All garbage.
The trait carries to be he offspring.


Thanks, already chopped it down :expressionless:

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Do you like sativa Dom hybrids?
If so let me send you free pack a seeds just for you to get the hamg of them
Some Sativa’s are very difficult to keep, well alive.
But preparation for transition is key. And I’d like to help you through that.

DM private and let’s talk


Growing is a rollercoaster. Enjoy the ride. High from South Africa too. Well done on chopping the hermie, its a difficult thing to do. I know. Damn if you think you have a tough time, try growing in EC. We just had a heatwave of 3 days of over 34 degrees C, and now two days of solid rain. Shout if you have any more questions and dont forget to keep growing.


Nothing helps better then being able to complete a full cycle a few times. Some genetic types aren’t as easy to grow as others. Shoot me a message let’s get you something easy and fun to growth.
I have clean and stable genetics. I’d love to help you out


With a lot of genetic resourcing and hunting. Its a tough market. For example I always talk about my “Black plant”.
Well fun fact. One of the plants I need comes from Russia.
Sad fact it hasn’t been seen since it was USSR. Their maybe someone hardcore underground there who holds a mother. But years after years of chasing it.
Seems the genetics are too polluted and I can’t find the pure LR version.

(History moment:
The USA,USSR,EU,AU, (possibly CA) Most of Spain and a few other regions. Fully eradicated the natural hemp/cannabis/landrace plants. These efforts mostly by federal policy. And loads of cash donations by concerned businesses. Prohibition was also a by product. Then the formal war on drugs. )

TL;DR. Too much genetic pollution. We need to make solid base cultivars. And make them classics and reworks. Bx is where its at. IBL is dope too

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Yeah, I am more the sativa kind of guy than indica. Thanks for the offer! Definitely have learned a lot this season. First thing is not to use bag seeds but to get proper seeds next time. Was more of a fun project in the beginning but I actually enjoyed it a lot and I’ll definitely keep on growing.


Yep, it was a difficult decision but I am relieved actually. Can concentrate on my last lady now.

Yeah, luckily we don’t have much rain here at the moment in the WC. Just the wind can be really crazy. Heard that pollen can travel several miles. I hope that there are no growers in the neighbourhood that let their males (or hermies :see_no_evil:) live too long lol.

Hope your plants are doing well despite the difficult weather conditions!

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Well look me up when you need some beans. I got you covered.

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