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Happy Frog

Waz up

I have used Ocean Forest with great results in the past, this time around I had to go very cheap, then the virus hit me, my plants suffered because not only were they neglected, but the damn soil sucked, yes, I got what I paid for, which was nothing. :frowning:

I want to know if anyone has used happy frog by itself, I know some buddies that mix both OF & HF and have great results.

I know the ingredients of both, just curious, HF is a lot cheaper. (local)

I will someday go totally organic, just not yet.
Any insight will be very helpful to me.


Here some info I found for you :


I just stay away from amazon for soil, I can get a 3.0 cu for $21.56 locally

Thanks for the link, I read it before, but it’s fresh in my lost mind now

All the same we take our chances
laughed at by time
tricked by circumstances