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Happy Holidays

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, UVPPE just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years.

We truly love this network and community. We have connected with so many amazing people. We can’t thank @nick and the ENTIRE GN team for bringing us all together and providing this space. You all do a wonderful job and it is truly appreciated.

PS…I’ll be in Vegas for New Year’s so if anyone wants to grab a “celebratory” cocktail then I’ll be around!


That’s very nice of you, happy holidays to you as well @RayWearCC! We do “Festivus” with our site (plus we love Seinfeld!) I’ll second the cheers to @nick and company, I’ve actually been searching for something like this locally (and to no avail,) so it’s nice to see a needed resource and already in full motion!


A Christmas tale:


Cheers and Happy Holidays to the entire Growers Network family! Part of what makes our industry so much fun to work in is the meaningful friendships and partnerships we develop throughout our adventures. I’ve never seen an industry that is nearly as supportive.


Cheers to the Growers Network, Happy holidays from the Land Down Under (Oz)…