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Hardwood chips use in cultivation

Hi Growers,
I got a lot of hardwood wood chips today.
I wonder what can be used in growing hemp outside.
Of course, besides compost.

So I was thinking whether littering them with litter in order to maintain humidity and stabilize the temperature of the soil would be a good idea.
I read that hardwood chips extract nitrogen from the soil, so it can be harmful to the hemp, unless you additionally fertilize the soil with nitrogen.

And what do you think about it?
Maybe some of you use them?


What type of hardwood? Oak and Hickory if you compost the hell out of them. The carbon to nitrogen ratio makes it a bad additive. As a weed control it works well only slightly composted a year or more.

Walnut can cause has shown detrimental to some types of cannabis. The high THC verities show the most problem. We would never riverbed plant near blackwalnut. We learned by experience.

Hardwood is hard to work with.

Pinebark is ideal if you have a source it compost well and is a stable amendment both in field and soiless mixes. You need a bit of wood ash in the pine bark to buffer the pH properly. I love composted pine bark. Metromix 510 and 810, and 820 are my idea of ideal ready use mixes.

I would grow directly in the 510 bags with drip iragation is my idea of heaven. We produced 100k cut flower that very way.

The 800 series is for larger containers. You have to worry about the water column in 500 in big pots.

From the voices in my head


today I do not know what kind of tree it is but tomorrow I will want to fix it. Certainly it is a deciduous tree.


Try a good cover crop as a soil amendment. Do you need a good agronomy text book?


No, I have many publications in Polish.