Hash bash 2023

So i kinda want to bring this to the attention of some of the big guys in the forum. So im gonna tag @chrisj and hopefully if it sounds good. You can tell me who else to add to get the word around. So hash bash 2023 is right around the corner. For those of you who are unaware. Hash bash is the annual celebration in ann arbor michigan. Where they celebrate the protests that led to the legalization of medical cannabis in michigan.

So to celebrate they bring in vendors from all around to showcase their products. Like you can buy a preroll from your local farmer and smoke it with him too lmao.

I want to bring this up for 2 reasons. @chrisj this could be a great outlet for promoting growers house. Growers house offers some great equiptment. And the legal market is expanding in michigan. So this could be an opportunity to get growers house name out there.
It could also be a great opportunity for anyone trying to build a brand. Anyone who is growing for more than just themselves. I grow for myself, my wife, and my brother currently. Just because i cant afford the equiptment to do any more than that. But i grow because its medicine. My brother was in the military for 10 years. And i did 10 years in prison. We bother struggle from ptsd from different ends of the spectrum. But cannabis gets us through the day. My wife suffers from crippling anxiety. Like sometimes she cant even get out of the bed. Let alone out of the house. But cannabis helps her. An edible with a coffee and a joint while it settles. And she will be good to go. The point is. I do what i do because it helps people. And it helps me. And i would like to be able to help more people.
So ive talked to our go to genetics guy @PreyBird1 and i believe he is willing to work with me to provide us good genetics to grow. But im looking for investors. Investors in any sense. Im not trying to ask anyone for anything. But if anyone would like to donate genetics or equiptment. Message me. And @chrisj if you think that maybe growers house would like to be promoted at hash bash. I would love to be your promoter. In just a few weeks. Some in this forum have already done so much for me. I would love to give back. Im working on makinb my dream happen. And i would love to take a few good people with me.

If nothing else. Thank you for at least hearing me out. Regardless. Ill see you at hash bash.



Heya @midwestcc420

Thank you for sharing your story, I see cannabis is deeply important for you and your famalies wellbeing. I am glad you found something to help you all. Any promotion is great for Growersnetwork and Growershouse. I can also suggest you send an email to growershouse.com about the promotion. I will also include the opportunity in my email to management.

The second annual Hash Bash, in 1973, attracted approximately 3,000 participants. That year, state representative Perry Bullard, a proponent of marijuana legalization, attended and smoked marijuana,[6] an act which later earned him criticism from political opponents.[7]

Hash Bash participants did not encounter significant police interference until the seventh annual event, in 1978, when local police booked, cited, photographed, and released those participants alleged to be using illegal substances.[8] By 1985 the Hash Bash had a 0 attendance rate but quickly arose to become a major protest in Ann Arbor.[9]

The 2009 Hash Bash on April 4 celebrated medical marijuana’s victory in Michigan and was the largest gathering that the event had seen in years, with an estimated 1,600 participants – an increased turnout which the Michigan Daily attributed to the “wider acceptance of recreational drug use both on campus and across the country”.[10]



Awesome i will email them now… what is the best email to contact them at??


Just sent you a private message.