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Hello Family

Hello Family,

My name is Will, I’m from Boston MA. and I am very excited to join this community. I’m a young grower looking to get my growers license or just looking to get my foot in the door. I’ve only been growing for a few months, but I have had a love for cannabis for most of my life. I have many questions, so you will all be hearing from me soon.

Sending love,


Welcome, sit back and take whatever advice you can get and learn. We are all here to help a fellow grower out.:v:


Welcome to GN! You got questions, they got answers!
Plenty of knowledgeable growers here.
If you have any questions for a specific grower, just tag them by putting the @ in front of their name, like @Will12 . That way they get a notification and you’ll have your answer quicker :nerd_face:


Welcome friend. Please feel free to DM if you have any questions. I also offer genetics at amazing prices.

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