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Hello Growers Network! I would like to Introduce V5 Systems!


We are looking to introduce our Portable Power Unit (PPU) Customization For Any External Power Needs to the Owners of Grow operations within the Cannabis Community who are looking for a safer, more efficient alternative to the markets current environmentaly harmful Power Units.


Customizable For Any External Power Needs

Perpetual Power Through Solar, Wind And AC/DC

Enabling You To Power Multiple Devices With 5V, 12V, 24V and POE+ Capabilities

Configure And Setup In Under 30 Minutes

Powered by V5

We look for partners that share our mission to enhance the security and quality of life in all outdoor environments, such as schools, sporting venues, enterprise campuses and downtown areas, making them safer and more secure.


These look pretty slick, @Jsmith !

I honestly am not on the “up and up” when it comes to PPU’s or solar panels, could you please explain what makes the technology/product more efficient and safer for the environment? I’m sure the community would love to know more!


Jordan i think it would be great to introduce V5 Systems to some of the grow operations in Colorado who could be interested in these Power Boxes. I know of at least two occurrences of power failure in a Grow Op that resulted in lost crops after the room exceeded 200 degrees in a matter of minutes! The security these can bring to a grower in invaluable.


Our portable power units (PPU’s) operate off solar, and they can run for upwards of 7 days on one charge. They are much more environmentally friendly than gas operated generators, and they can be used to power nearly every aspect of a grow operation. They have state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, which are much safer and also environmentally friendlier than the traditional lead-acid variety.


Additionally, we are deployed all across the U.S., including various pipelines which span from the Canadian border to the Gulf. We are looking for partners in the field of cannabis growing, as we think our products are a perfect match for your industry. Let’s connect and start the dialogue.


V5’s combo Portable Power Unit (PPU’s) and solar panels can allow growers to have perpetual power for their devices and equipment that require an uninterrupted power source. Additionally, after the up front cost of our products, they will not incur any utility costs, thus saving them thousands of dollars annually. Our PPU’s are currently deployed on many pipelines that span from the Canadian border down to the Gulf, and they operate in even the harshest of conditions!


Travis, I obviously very much agree with your assessment. Our combination of Portable Power Units (PPU’s) and patented solar panels not only serve as a valuable uninterrupted power source (UPS), they can also save growers thousands of dollars in utility costs per year!


I’m almost curious if I’ve seen them in action, what’s the smallest PPU available that you carry? I grew up near the Bakken and Three Forks formation in western North Dakota and I was a production pumper for a couple years (Whiting Oil & Gas, Frickey Investments.) Lot of solar options for meters and things like that.

I’m sure you’ve seen some growth in the oil industry and the last boom; what kind of customers are you currently catering to in the cannabis industry or that you hope to cater to? Are you seeing one type of client/customer that repeats more than others with this type of business?

I know this would be great for cannabis grow operations, but would you suggest a facility starts off with an initial trial with replacing a certain type of power needs before going full scale with technology with this?

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We only, at this point, sell one size power unit (attached). We are just
now starting our foray into the world of cannabis growing and operations.
Currently the world of gas and oil pipelines has been a fairly easy market
for us, being that many of the pumping stations are in the middle of
nowhere and need auxiliary power. We’ve also had good success with large
security firms and transportation authorities. Being we’re in Silicon
Valley, we’ve also sold many units to some well known social media
companies. One that starts with F… and ends in K.

Jeff Smith
VP of Global Security
and Law Enforcement Sales
V5 Systems

Portable Power Unit.pdf (246 KB)

Security Solutions.pdf (465 KB)