Help 1 Plant Wilted Overnight

I have 6 sativa plants all in week 3 of flowering. 1 plant wilted overnight from healthy to deaths door. I checked all typical reasons, over/under watering, nutes etc but nothing applies. I use no notes. All other plants look normal and green.

Anyone know why this suddenly happened, and

how to rescue my plant?


Don’t know for sure but these symptoms (rapid decline) sound an awful lot like Fusarium or Verticillium wilt. Essentially they both are soil borne fungi that invade through the roots and quickly clog the vascular (xylem/phloem) tissue causing the rapid decline…FWIW you may want to google them for more details…
ps. If it’s either of these two fungi there will be no saving the infected plant but I would get it out of the room for sure!

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How much did you water them? It could be as simple as over watering. How do the leaves feel to the touch? Soft and flexible or hard and crispy?
Get a magnifier and start looking for bugs, mold, anything that looks like it doesn’t belong.

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we need a questionnaire for growers to fill out when they have problems… it would be so much easier to diagnose things if we need more pertinent information about the grow

this could be overwatering, under watering, heat stress, massive ph swing in hydro, etc etc etc


i like that idea

That’s really strange it looks like an underwatered issue but u checked that did the temp drop or anything like that


Hey @nick, @Slym3r,

Can we get this integrated somehow? It would save lots of questions back and forth.
Let me add a pic…

Hey @MrBlue, @PreyBird1, @LoCoRocK, @happilyretired, @hellraiser what other questions should it have?


That would be awesome. Too many times most of that info is left out of a thread/post asking for help/diagnosis.

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Is it dirt, soil, hydro, DWC…?


The vermiculite issue sounds very reasonable. I grow in soil half peat and half either vermiculite or perlite.
I did move the plant outside but if it’s really a root thing, I don’t see why it matters.
I too immediately thought of under watering because wasn’t fed for 3 days, but again only one plant turned. All other plants had a good watering yesterday.
I have only used seaweed to enhance my water, and Big Bud since week 2 of flowering.
Nothing unusual happened. This was my tallest plant and may have been too close to 1200w light?
Thanks all for helping about this. I have never grown sativa indoors and know nothing to expect.

Almost forgot, I live in southeast asia and my temperatures stay constant. No swings in humidity or temp

grow medium, including everything you mixed into it:

nutrients used and amounts of each:


how often you feed and water:

Temps lights on and off:


any critters? Bugs?

You are in the right place for help. Your plants look healthy other than your sudden wilt.
My first thought was temperatures.
That is because it has been my biggest battle this Winter.
These expert growers are like Super Hero’s
They will get you dialed in. They just need the info first.
Stay strong!


it does look like you hit a temp spike when the plant needed to be watered. of course that’s just a shot in the dark…

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I agree with rflasch - when something dies that quick it is usually something systemic or frozen.

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Why I can be wrong without one

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Id say strain and medium