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Help a Beginner grower with info

How’s a going cannabis lovers :ok_hand: hope all well with everyone,

Robbie here I’m looking for any info or help with the equipment side of things find it hard to get quality equipment and growing material in Europe or I’m looking in the wrong places most of it come from America or Canada and doesn’t ship to Ireland.

Appreciate the help


Welcome to this wonderful community!

First thing first, tell us a little bit about your goals for your grow.
What size footprints will you grow in?
How many plants do you plan to grow?
Medium ? Soil, soilless, coco…?
Do you have some equipment? Or starting fresh?
Biggest and most important expanse will be your lights! Do not skimp on that or you will pay it elsewhere.
I strongly suggest that before buying your lights, you consult with the growers here and somebody will be sure to help you out so you don’t get burned by all the hype going around…

Most of all, enjoy yourself and don’t hesitate to post your questions in your threads. Eventually someone will get along with the right answer!

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Cheers bud,

My overall thought is quality over quantity but that’s a bit down the road, for the first few grows I know going to be trial and error dos and don’ts.

I’m looking at 32" 32" 72" tent about 3 to 4 plants 600w LED, with medium I want as organic as possible so drawn more to soil but coco seems to be very popular.

Then nutrition is where I have no idea to much to choose from.

Starting fresh, I have some things on Amazon but most stuff doesn’t come over here.

I’ll have fun no worries there man seeing all the bud pics gets me excited hahaha

Thanks appreciate it


For nutrients I strongly suggest the Advanced Nutrients line-up. Their formula is supposed to balance itself (PH), so that’s one thing less to worry about when you’re starting!

Check out Migro. Shane sells and reviews LED grow lights and is based in Ireland.

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Welcome! I’m Big Red and new here also. You should look into what organic soils your local hydro or gardening stores have. Such as Fox Farm, Roots Organic, and many more. These soils come pre-amended already so you don’t have to until later in the grow. For example, Ive been growing in Fox Farm (Ocean Forest) for 4 weeks now and I’ve been using water only no pHing. You’ll usually get away with just water until about 4 - 6 weeks. The bags of soil he av all of ingredients on back of bag. Hope you find what you need, happy growing!

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Depending on the climate and The type of cannabis you are looking to grow you can grow with minimal equipment YouTube is full of great ideas along with our lovely community here, I personally started growing With regular CFL lightbulbs And some seeds I got from a friend in A common clothing cabinet that I had emptied and insulated with the lumen , Improvise

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Uploading: 20190731_162244.mp4… Pick a soil one that says for healthy root development then grab yourself some peat moss for about 10% of the peat moss and with the soil if you were growing from seed mix the soil 1st and let it sit let the seeds germinate in a ziploc bag with paper towels and dampness between 2 plates, Make sure they are in a heated area nothing above 80゚ When they sprout get a pencil and poke a small hole in the soil planting the seeds with the white root down And be very patient do not over water, And do not give the seedlings too much light

This is what I started with years ago,

DM me your questions. I’ll answer them as best as I can

get a base like A and B for flowering, cal mag, hygrozyme, and form of silica and ph down and a meter. and perfect that craft.

These are plants I’ve grown from seed ran out of Room I do not recommend grow 2 plants in one hot unless you’ve done it before they will grow together only for another 2 weeks then I will take them apart